New Schedule on the Website!

On the day we remember the great Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our right to live the lives we live today, I first of all want to thank all of you with all me heart! May you all live a blessed life!

While I had the time today I was hard at work on our website and getting our schedule up on the site. The first thing you will notice is, it's pretty bare. This will change with time as we build up the supply of shows. There are more shows waiting in the wings soon to be introduced to the lineup, so stay tuned to GTTN!

There was also a very productive meeting that took place last night concerning a new show that may be in the works soon. Kiss fans might want to keep their ears tuned in to see what we may have in store.

Things are only getting better here slowly, so I hope you will help spread the word about our station and get other to give us a listen!

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